Texas License To Carry (LTC) – Handgun

This is the Class & Range Proficiency Demonstration portion for those wanting to obtain a State of Texas LTC – Handgun.

Instructor Led Class

The Texas License To Carry – Handgun course will cover the following topics in the classroom:

  • Laws that relate to Weapons and Use of Force and Deadly Force
  • Non-Violent Dispute Resolution
  • Handgun Use and Safety
  • Proper storage practices for handguns with an emphasis on storage practices that eliminate the possibility of accidental injury to a child

There will be a Written Examination (closed book) at the end of all classes.  It consists of 25 multiple choice/True-False questions.  You must get a grade of 70% or higher (18 of 25 correct).

What is needed in the classroom:

* Pen/Pencil
* Note Taking Material
* Drinks & Snacks (optional – Highly Recommended)

You do not need your handgun in the class.


Range Performance Demonstration

In addition to the classroom time, students will shoot on the range for the Performance Demonstration portion of the State requirement.

The TX License To Carry – Handgun Course of Fire is designed to ensure that the applicant is familiar enough with a handgun and how to operate it safely that they can hit a static target.

A score of 70%, or 175 points of a possible 250, is required to pass. Inside the 8 ring is 5 points, 7 ring is 4 points, & all in the silhouette outside the 7 ring are 3 points.

You have up to 3 attempts to qualify.

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