MDT Skeleton Rifle Stock


MDT – Skeleton Rifle Stock

Toolless adjustment of the MDT Skeleton Rifle Stock elevates the comfort and performance of the shooter. Horizontal, vertical and cant adjustment to the cheek riser and buttpad ensures a perfect fit for your shooting position.

The Skeleton Rifle Stock is available for fixed interface, as well as MDT’s own ESS and ACC (XTN) buttstock interfaces. This XTN interface includes a folding option.

  • SCS-Lite (Skeleton Carbine Stock – Lite)
  • CCS (Composite Carbine Stock)

For a detailed comparison of these models, please review the chart below or watch the overview video found on this page.

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The MDT Skeleton Rifle Buttstock was designed to provide the shooter with best-in-class strength and ergonomics, with an emphasis on adjustability and comfort.

Length of pull (LOP) can be easily adjusted and fine-tuned with the thumbwheel, and locked in place with thumb screws or set screws (both included). The buttpad can be adjusted up and down as well as canted left or right, to form fit the shoulder pocket of any shooter.

Achieving the perfect cheek weld is a breeze, with thumbwheel adjustment as well as side-to-side and cant adjustments, thumb screws or set screws (both included) to lock in place.

  • SRS-X Elite features a steel buttpad for added rear balance
  • Second guide rod for stability
  • Etched guide rods

Developed to give shooters the option to fold to either bolt side or non-bolt side, the SRS-XF locks in both full extension and folded position. The double hinge design allows the folder to maintain and low profile without any protruding hinge points that would otherwise interfere with the use of the thumb shelf.

  • Shortened body to maintain proper LOP with integrated folder
  • An extra QD flush cup sling mount for a total of three
  • Cheek rest thumbwheel is sold separately as it interferes with the buttstock folding over the bolt

If you’re looking for a folding option for the Standard or Short Skeleton Rifle Stock (Fixed Interface), we do have a solution for you over on our folding buttstock adapters page.

  • CNC machined from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum
  • Skeletonized body providing robust structure
  • Thumb wheels for toolless adjustment of length of pull (LOP) & cheek rest height
  • Thumb screws and set screws (both included and interchangeable) to lock position in place
  • Cheek rest can be adjusted up/down (height), side-to-side and canted
  • Buttpad can be adjusted in and out (LOP) as well as up and down and can be canted
  • Integrated bolt cut-out in cheek rest for easy bolt removal
  • Attachment point for 2.5” rail on bottom surface
  • Two QD flush cup sling mounts on either side
TAC21 LSS (requires carbine to fixed adapter) LSS-XL HS3 ESS ACC
SRS (Fixed) Standard 15″-16″ 16.6″-17.6″ 13.5″-14.5″ 13.5″-14.5″ Not Compatible Not Compatible
SRS (Fixed) Short 14″-15″ 15.75″-16.75″ 12.5″-13.5″ 12.5″-13.5″ Not Compatible Not Compatible
SRS-X (ESS & ACC) Not Compatible Not Compatible Not Compatible Not Compatible 13.5″-14.5″ 13.5″-14.5″
SRS-XF Folding (ESS & ACC) Not Compatible Not Compatible Not Compatible Not Compatible 13.5″-14.5″ 13.5″-14.5″
SRS-X Elite (ESS & ACC) Not Compatible Not Compatible Not Compatible Not Compatible 13.5″-14.5″ 13.5″-14.5″
Big Horn TL3 YES
Browning X-Bolt SA YES
Browning X-Bolt LA YES
Howa 1500 SA YES
Howa 1500 LA YES
Lithgow 102 SA YES
Rem 700 SA YES
Rem 700 LA YES
Ruger American SA NO Need to install on non-bolt side
Savage Axis SA YES Need to remove thumb screws
Savage Axis LA YES
Savage SA YES Need to remove thumb screws
Savage LA YES
Savage LA CIP (3.850) YES
Stiller TAC 338 LA YES
Tikka T3 SA YES
Tikka T3 LA YES
Winchester XPR SA YES


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