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About the Complex

7 Foxtrot Firearms Training Complex is located in Pearsall, Texas, just an hour South of San Antonio, on 164 acres. The layout and design of the complex is training-centric, built to teach and sustain safe shooting practices, with an emphasis on mastering techniques, tactics, and procedures. To use this exclusive facility, you must be a member.

As a members-only firearms training complex, members and instructors can perform handgun and rifle training in a variety of shooting scenarios. The complex will include 100-yard multi-purpose bays and static qualification bays as well as precision rifle ranges with 1760 yards (1 mile) on Known Distance (KD) and to 800-yards Unknown Distance (UKD). This will provide a diverse portfolio of shooting scenarios and disciplines to train.

A Complex of
Rifle & Pistol Ranges!

Members have access to all ranges
Sun up to Sun down, 7 days a week.

Known Distance Rifle Ranges

Known Distance Rifle Ranges
1. Covered Rifle Zero Range 100-1100 yards
2. Static Elevated Prone Range 100-1760 yards
3. Alternate position/Obstacle shooting range 300-700 yards

Multi-Purpose Ranges

Pistol/Rifle Ranges
1. License to Carry & Law Enforcement Qualification Range (3-25 yards)
2. Two - 25-yard Multi-purpose Range w/steel and paper stands

Coming soon:
3. Three 50-yard Multi-purpose/Tactical Ranges
4. One 100-yard Multi-purpose/Tactical Range
5. One 300-yard Multi-purpose/Tactical Range

Un-Known Distance Ranges

Rifle Ranges
Ten Different Ranges using a multitude of props, barricades, obstacles, man made and natural terrain, elevated shooting platforms to a car, bus, firetruck, and a helicopter. Addition of a rifle rated Moving Target system in 2021. Various ranges out to 800 yards.

Tactical Ranges

Rifle & Pistol Rated
1. 50-yard Moving Target Range
2. 50-yard Tactical Range
3. 100-yard Tactical Range
4. 360-degree Tactical Training Range (LE/MIL & Instructor Led Course Only)
5. 300-yard Tactical Range

Complex Rules and Procedures

Complex Access, Guests, and Downrange Operations
  • If there are issues with any range on the Complex, contact 7 Foxtrot staff.
  • Range hours are from sun-up to sunset seven (7) days a week.
  • Sign in and out of the 7 Foxtrot Firearms Training Complex with each visit.
  • All Federal, state, and local firearm laws must be obeyed.
  • No guests are allowed without contacting 7 Foxtrot for approval.
  • Approved guests require a liability form and a $35 guest fee to be signed and paid prior to Range use. Text, email or call 7 Foxtrot for guest range authorization.
  • All members are required to have their membership cards with them anytime they are on the range. All members are required to show their membership card anytime they are asked to and have the right to ask to see any members’ card as well.
  • All gate(s) are always to be kept locked by members. Make certain that the padlock has been snapped into place and the combination(s) scrambled.  Don’t forget to lock each gate once you leave. Do not share the access code with non-members.
  • Never walk or drive past any closed gates, cables, safety cones or barricades without checking to see if that area is a live-fire area.
  • When going down range to paint steel targets make all ranges cease fire and use posted “downrange procedures” for each range. This requires visual and verbal confirmation that all firearms are clear and other members are off the firing line. No handling of firearms or ammunition while members are down range. Utility bays do not need to cease fire when personnel are going down rifle ranges.
  • Once the range is determined to be secure, with no other persons present downrange only then may firing commence.
  • Keep all vehicles on the established roads and away from the lower laying areas. Do not drive or park on any sodded grass near the firing lines.
Shooting Positions & Targets
  • 7 Foxtrot Firearms Training Complex is a “cold range”.
    1. All firearms are to be kept in a safe and empty condition until on the firing line.
    2. Pistols may be holstered and drawn in the pistol bays, but must be cleared, locked open and remain holstered if members leave the bays.
  • All members are required to wear eye and hearing protection.
  • Shoot from authorized firing points only. Each target must have a backstop before engaging.  Do not shoot outside of lateral limits.
  • Shoot at approved targets only. Paper or steel only!
    1. Steel targets on the rifle ranges and paper or steel at the utility or pistol ranges.
    2. Don’t bring any unauthorized items to the facility to use as targets. No glass, clay pigeons, etc.
  • Do not move targets from their locations.
  • Do not engage steel targets on ANY range with a rifle or a carbine closer than 150 yards.
  • Do not shoot rifles with a muzzle velocity of 3200 fps or greater at steel closer than 600 yards.
  • Tracer, incendiary and armor-piercing ammunitions are prohibited (this includes “green-tip” or any steel core bullets – i.e. bulk military ammo is often steel core).
  • Shooters must provide their own white spray paint and are required to repaint all targets before they leave the range! The range has target stands but members must provide their own paper targets and cardboard backing.
  • Shooting at rocks or any other inappropriate targets that cause ricochets or may start a fire is prohibited.
  • Shooting any flammable or exploding material is prohibited; this includes Tannerite or any other similar binary compounds.
  • Hunting and shooting at any wildlife is strictly prohibited everywhere on the 7 Foxtrot Firearms Training Complex.
  • Never shoot at 7 Foxtrot property or structures.
  • Any props or equipment, which you might use, are to be used only for the purpose for which they were designed, including; tables, chairs, benches, trash cans, equipment storage boxes and target holders.
Alcohol, Smoking, Campfires, and Cleanliness
  • No alcohol is to be present or consumed by anyone, anywhere on range property. Any condition resulting in the shooters impairment will result in immediate termination of membership privileges without refund.
  • There is no smoking allowed anywhere on the firing line – smokers will police their butts into the trash cans.
  • Keep your range clean! Members are responsible to clean up after themselves and guests. Deposit trash in the appropriate trash cans or pack it up and take it home. This includes brass, shells and any or all casings!
  • Open campfires, wood burning, and charcoal barbecues are strictly prohibited everywhere on the facility. Only propane barbecues are permitted for use but must not be left on the facility.
  • Absolutely no sales of firearms or ammunition are permitted on range property.
Miscellaneous Items
  • Any members under the age of 18 years must be under the constant supervision of an adult member.
  • The 7 Foxtrot Firearms Training Complex may be closed to members anytime we are running matches or training classes. Check the schedule on our website and contact us to de-conflict.
  • 7 Foxtrot may refuse anyone the right to shoot and may order anyone to leave the range to enforce the range rules and preserve the safety of the range or the safety of its members. Repeat or gross offenders will have their membership revoked without refund.  It is our intent to provide a first rate, semi-private facility for the serious marksmen.

Office Hours

Mon - Fri: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Saturday: 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Sunday: Closed

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