I am glad he is on our side.

Eric is not only a good trainer but has served our country and been in the line of fire.  He is a very good instructor.  Very good.  You will be happy.  I am more ready for a crisis if one did occur.

Ron F.
Texas LTC Course

Great place to take a CHL class.

Was very comfortable with everything.  Felt like all topics were covered thoroughly and Erik was very willing to answer all questions and make any clarifications needed.  I also appreciated the small class size for a more one on one experience.  I would recommend this business.

Texas LTC Course

I learned more in one class with him about guns and laws than the previous 33 years.

Mr. Findley has the heart of teacher as Dave Ramsey would say. His experience as a sniper instructor while serving with the Marines can be seen in the way he teaches.  We had a groupon for the class, but even without it, he’s still cheaper and I bet better than other CHL classes I looked into. Take his class!

Caleb P.
Texas LTC Course

I went to 7 Foxtrot after Groupon offered a steal of a deal for their Concealed Carry Course.

Reserving my spot in the class was simple and I got multiple emails from the instructor on what to expect, what to bring, etc. The instructor is a retired Marine with a wealth of military experience (23 years!!!) and gun knowledge. He is friendly, and easy to talk to, and I felt very comfortable asking him to clarify any material that he covered, or to answer any questions. He made the class as enjoyable and entertaining as it could be, considering the seriousness of the topic! He also has handguns available to rent for his classes.

This is not relevant for me, since I have already taken the course, but I would love to see 7Foxtrot offer a class which combines the Concealed Carry Course course with the Pistol Fundamentals Course. I do not consider myself to be an expert by any means, but there were people in my class who had never even shot a handgun before. I felt like too much time had to be spent instructing them on basics like how to hold the weapon, loading ammo, and introducing them to range safety, as none of them even understood the concept of keeping the weapon pointed downrange. I understand covering those briefly as a refresher (and to CYA as far as the safety goes) but I don’t think this class should serve as your initial introduction to firearms! I did not show up for my driver’s license test and expect them to teach me the ins and outs of operating a motor vehicle, and I did not expect to find that level of inexperience in this Concealed Carry Course.

On that note, until that combined course comes along, if you are taking the Concealed Carry Course, and you have zero experience with firearms, PLEASE consider taking a basic course beforehand. 7Foxtrot offers a Pistol Fundamentals Courses as well as private instruction. Although this is not a requirement to take the Concealed Carry Course, it will help you immensely. The state-mandated 4-6 hour timeframe for the Concealed Carry Course leaves very little wiggle room to cover things like weapon handling so the most you will get is the very basics! Additional training beforehand will leave you much more comfortable with the weapon itself and will help ensure not only your safety, but that of everyone else on the range.

Jamie L.
Texas LTC Course

I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn from someone with years of experience and military background

My wife got me a CHL course with 7 Foxtrot from groupon as a fathers day gift. There are other companies on groupon that my wife could have chosen and Im glad that she chose this one. The class was very informative not just about the state law but how to react in certain situation to save your life or the people around you. The way Erick teaches is perfect, he explains things to you in a way that you will retain it and not in a complicated way. Even though there might be 10 people in the classroom he engages everyone individually so you would understand. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn from someone with years of experience and military background. He also offers other classes that can make you a better shooter or a better firearms owner.

Michael B.
Texas LTC Course

Highly recommended.

Went for CHL class with brother and sister-in-law after finding amazing Groupon deal. Great Class! Erick is a true professional and is very knowledgeable with a strong background. The class is educational and keeps your attention. Small classroom size keeps the instructor-student interaction high and interactive.

Yaroslav S.
Texas LTC Course

Class was a pleasure and extremely informative.

Completed my CHL instruction yesterday.  This training, both in the field and the classroom was excellent.  Erickthe instructor is excellent at what he does and is indicative of the truly fine professional he is.  I would highly recommend 7 Foxtrot for any type of training with regards to firearms.

Patrick S.
Texas LTC Course

Erick at 7 Foxtrot is a total professional.

Easy class registration, he returned phone calls, answered all my questions and provided expert knowledge for CHL. Will definitely recommend to all my friends in the south Texas area. Thanks Erick!

Jeff J.
Texas LTC Course

Erick was an awesome teacher.

Was recommended to his CHL class by Ranger Firearms. He was patient and made the class relevant and enjoyable.

Tamara G.
Texas LTC Course