Private Training

7F only offers an organized "Basic" firearms course no more than once a month.  Why?

Because a “Basic” firearms class/course does not have a high enough standard to achieve a level of skill retention and perfection that 7 Foxtrot courses strives for.  7F feels that the most successful and comprehensive solution to this need, whether it's beginner or expert, is a Private Lesson.  An NRA certified instructor will teach the Private Lesson and it can be shaped into your specific needs and desired training outcome.  Whether you have a young son/daughter who is need of learning basic gun safety or you are 85 years old and want a defensive solution for home, 7F will give you the training you require. 

  • Private Handgun lessons are $75.00/hour/student with a max of 3 students per lesson. 
  • Private Rifle (Carbine & Precision) lessons are $100/hour/student with a max of 3 students per lesson.

Please contact us at or (210) 294-3949 to discuss a 7F private lesson between Tuesday – Friday.