Handgun Training

7 Foxtrot has developed its handgun training curriculum to develop, improve and challenge all levels of shooters.  In order to build the Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude (KSA) of each individual shooter all courses use the EDIP theory of training.  EDIP stands for Explain, Demonstrate, Imitate, Practice.  Every new technique a shooter learns will be Explained verbally and in detail the concept or why of the technique.  Next the technique will be Demonstrated by the instructor so the verbal description can now be tied in visually.  This will then give the shooter the foundation to then Imitate the technique(s), using unloaded or inert training aides (dry fire training), slowly in a controlled environment with direct instructor feedback.  This starts building the muscle memory necessary to repeat the technique consistently.  The shooter will then Practice (perfect practice make perfect) the technique continually so that it can be refined and polished till it can be repeated smoothly and consistently!

Beginner Handgun Shooting Courses

Are you a new handgun owner or are you looking to purchase one?  Would you like to learn about how to safely use, store, and clean a pistol? Are you interested in getting a handgun license but want to know how to shoot first?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider taking a Beginner Handgun Orientation or Beginner Handgun Fundamentals course.

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Semi-Automatic Handgun Training

These are defensive handgun courses using a semi-automatic pistol.  They provide the student with the KSAs to use a pistol effectively when needed by using real life scenarios and drills. The fundamentals of marksmanship, gun-handling, safety, ammunition selection, equipment selection, loading, unloading, immediate action/malfunction drills, equipment placement and firing techniques will be covered both in the classroom and on the range.

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