Long Range Precision Rifle I Course – After Action Report from Coyote Armory

Coby Porter (Owner/Host - Coyote Armory)
Just finished our first Long Range Precision Rifle Class. It was an awesome weekend and we gained an amazing amount of knowledge. After 2 days, my shooting skills and confidence in my rifle have increased by a factor of 10. If you want to improve your long range shooting skills, prepare yourself for the upcoming hunting season, become completely confident in your rifle and make yourself a better shooter all around then you need to take this class.  If I only learned one thing at our LRPR class last week it was how critical it is to keep a data log. Storm Tactical makes the data book that I am now using and I highly recommend there products for anyone looking to get serious about shooting long range.

Erick Findley of 7 Foxtrot Firearms Training & Consulting Cadre has the skills and experience to take just about any shooter and help them get the most out of their rifle. By the second day of the class you will be consistently hitting kill zone size targets out to 1000 yards. You will learn exactly what your rifle is capable. 

Chipper Dipple (Student)
Great class! Not only did we obtain a wealth of knowledge, but were also given the tools to use on our other rifles and future shooting!