BLUF – Handgun Fundamentals (Grip)

Proper Handgun Grip

BLUF: Without proper grip on a firearm you will not have the ability to have substantial firearm control while achieving speed and accuracy.

In every class the fundamentals are stressed as the foundation of everything you do.  If you do not have solid muscle memory in the fundamentals of shooting, when in a crisis situation or when muscle memory takes over, you will not perform at your peak.  The grip of the pistol is one of those fundamentals that allows you to build your skills.  Accuracy, precision, and speed cannot be increased if this one fundamental is not perfected.  It is a perishable skill though.  You must train to obtain a proper grip at all times.

In this video from NRA All Access, Firearm Science's host Jessie Duff and 3 Gun National Champion Tommy Thacker explains that basic pistol grip fundamental that all other pistol shooting is built around.

Learn, practice dry fire, train live fire, and master!

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