BLUF – Handgun Fundamentals (Stance)

Proper Handgun Firing Stance

BLUF:  When learning to shoot a handgun your basic handgun firing stance, or shooting foundation, is crucial anytime you fire a weapon.

When you first learn to shoot you have several shooting fundamentals you must develop and master.  Mastering the fundamentals of proper grip, shooting stance, aiming (sight alignment and sight picture), and trigger control (to name a few) will set the foundation of recall when it must be done instantaneously.  Great competitive and defensive technique shooters learn and train to have a solid basic handgun firing stance before moving on and learning to shoot from alternate shooting positions.  Whether you are dry fire training or "putting rounds down range" you have begin with a fundamental shooting stance.

In the video below from NRA All Access, Firearm Science's host Jessie Duff and 3 Gun National Champion Tommy Thacker explains the proper way to obtain the two most common shooting stances.

Learn, practice dry fire, train live fire, and master!

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