I highly recommend utilizing 7 Foxtrot for your CHL course. You will not be disappointed, you will be well informed.

My wife and I just completed our CHL course taken at 7 Foxtrot. When it comes to weapons training, top priority is safety. Our instructor, GySgt. Eric Fendley, (USMC Ret.) demanded a ridged range safety standard that provided all participants a comfortable shooting range experience. His required CHL class time was precise, a well rehearsed power point presentation with supporting videos and a touch of humor which was well received by all. Eric’s timing was Marine standard, on time, on task, leaving no one behind. I have taken this course before. 7 Foxtrot exceeds in all areas. I plan to return for further rifle and tactical training.

Britt Mitchell
Texas LTC Course

The entire class was awesome and fun! I had a great time and learned a lot! Erick is an awesome instructor!

Erick is an awesome instructor! He is very knowledgeable and is very good at teaching the techniques. He is patient and takes the time to help each individual shooter. I will be recommending the Long Range courses to anyone I know that is interested in learning about long range shooting!

I never believed I would ever be able to hit any targets at a distance with any precision or accuracy. I took all three courses after purchasing a rifle and scope and had no idea how to use them. Before taking the intro course, the farthest I had shot out to was probably 50 yards with a .22. I was definitely a complete novice. Now, after taking all the Long Range classes, I am hitting targets regularly out to 1000 yards and I am beginning to really understand the fundamentals and ballistics behind it! I definitely understand shooting safety as well as how important a good stable shooting position is! I know I am not a great shooter and have tons to learn and practice, but I think I have come a long way since taking the first Intro class a few weeks ago. That is a testament to Erick and his knowledge and ability to teach! Thank you Erick!

Kenneth Felcman
Long Range Precision Rifle II

Awesome Instructor and would recommend to anyone to take his class.

Tamsen Luedtke
Texas LTC Course

CHL class was great!!! Instructor is very knowledgeable.

Scott Ahnberg
Texas LTC Course

I would absolutely recommend this to anyone wanting to pursue their CHL.

CHL course – Well run class. Erick kept the pace moving and explained things extremely well. He was quick to call me back when I left messages about enrollment issues (I had) on the website. Good humor where appropriate and very serious when the information dictated it. Erick covers all the mandated info as well as helps you to understand the basics/timing of the application process.

Kyle Everett
Texas LTC Course

There is a reason this is the 5th time I’ve taken courses from 7 Foxtrot!

As usual, the course (Long Range Precision Rifle II) was well structured and very well taught.

Instructor always seeks and answers questions, explains ideas in different ways – No one is left feeling stupid.

Excellent teaching!

Tim Meyer
Long Range Precision Rifle II

Two Thumbs Up!

Taking the CHL Class at 7 Foxtrot Firearms Training & Consulting Cadre was an eye opening and very positive experience. Erick is an outstanding instructor both in the classroom and on the range. 

Richard Slawinski
Texas LTC Course

Highly recommend anyone who are looking to further develop their firearm training….contact him.

Took 7F’s CHL training on 29 July 2015, appreciated his direct, no-nonsense approach. He kept the classroom instruction short, sweet & to the point, instructing what needed to be said. He defiantly brought over his Marine way of instructing & experience over to the civilian sector with very little flaw….highly recommend anyone who are looking to further develop their firearm training….contact him. “Warpig 1” Out…

Chris "Warpig" Crawford
Texas LTC Course

I really did enjoy the class.

Erick was easy going and made the classroom environment conducive to good learning. All you had to really do was pay attention to what he said and you pass the written exam easily. I don’t think we could’ve ask for better weather at the range, either. He ensured we had a good pistol grip and were always practicing safety. I don’t think I did too bad for somebody who hadn’t been to a shooting range in over 3 years! Thanks!

Valentina Davis
Texas LTC Course

Highly recommend this company.

I just took a women’s only CHL class and I can’t say enough positive things about that class our instructor Erick was patient, encouraging and knowledgable.

Traci Rush
Texas LTC Course

Gunny Findley was an outstanding instructor!

His CHL class was very informative and non intimidating. I’ll definitely recommend his course to all of my friends.

Ramiro Barrientos Jr.
Texas LTC Course

I highly recommend the class with 7 Foxtrot.

Erick is very knowledgeable and thorough. Great instructor.

Mark Crutchfield
Texas LTC Course

I would heartily recommend Erick and 7 Foxtrot for anyone that wants to get their CHL.

I was referred to the CHL course taught by Erick at 7 Foxtrot through Ranger Firearms.  Erick has a wealth of knowledge on the topics covered and made the course very enjoyable.  Even though I’ve had CHL licenses from two other states, the information learned in one day at 7 Foxtrot was well worth the time and money!

Mike R
Texas LTC Course

Erick was an awesome teacher.

Was recommended to his CHL class by Ranger Firearms. He was patient and made the class relevant and enjoyable.

Tamara G.
Texas LTC Course

Erick at 7 Foxtrot is a total professional.

Easy class registration, he returned phone calls, answered all my questions and provided expert knowledge for CHL. Will definitely recommend to all my friends in the south Texas area. Thanks Erick!

Jeff J.
Texas LTC Course

Class was a pleasure and extremely informative.

Completed my CHL instruction yesterday.  This training, both in the field and the classroom was excellent.  Erickthe instructor is excellent at what he does and is indicative of the truly fine professional he is.  I would highly recommend 7 Foxtrot for any type of training with regards to firearms.

Patrick S.
Texas LTC Course

Highly recommended.

Went for CHL class with brother and sister-in-law after finding amazing Groupon deal. Great Class! Erick is a true professional and is very knowledgeable with a strong background. The class is educational and keeps your attention. Small classroom size keeps the instructor-student interaction high and interactive.

Yaroslav S.
Texas LTC Course

I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn from someone with years of experience and military background

My wife got me a CHL course with 7 Foxtrot from groupon as a fathers day gift. There are other companies on groupon that my wife could have chosen and Im glad that she chose this one. The class was very informative not just about the state law but how to react in certain situation to save your life or the people around you. The way Erick teaches is perfect, he explains things to you in a way that you will retain it and not in a complicated way. Even though there might be 10 people in the classroom he engages everyone individually so you would understand. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn from someone with years of experience and military background. He also offers other classes that can make you a better shooter or a better firearms owner.

Michael B.
Texas LTC Course

Eric is the real deal, great teacher, very knowledgeable and patient with students of any skill level. Highly recommended.

Michael M.
Texas LTC Course

I went to 7 Foxtrot after Groupon offered a steal of a deal for their Concealed Carry Course.

Reserving my spot in the class was simple and I got multiple emails from the instructor on what to expect, what to bring, etc. The instructor is a retired Marine with a wealth of military experience (23 years!!!) and gun knowledge. He is friendly, and easy to talk to, and I felt very comfortable asking him to clarify any material that he covered, or to answer any questions. He made the class as enjoyable and entertaining as it could be, considering the seriousness of the topic! He also has handguns available to rent for his classes.

This is not relevant for me, since I have already taken the course, but I would love to see 7Foxtrot offer a class which combines the Concealed Carry Course course with the Pistol Fundamentals Course. I do not consider myself to be an expert by any means, but there were people in my class who had never even shot a handgun before. I felt like too much time had to be spent instructing them on basics like how to hold the weapon, loading ammo, and introducing them to range safety, as none of them even understood the concept of keeping the weapon pointed downrange. I understand covering those briefly as a refresher (and to CYA as far as the safety goes) but I don’t think this class should serve as your initial introduction to firearms! I did not show up for my driver’s license test and expect them to teach me the ins and outs of operating a motor vehicle, and I did not expect to find that level of inexperience in this Concealed Carry Course.

On that note, until that combined course comes along, if you are taking the Concealed Carry Course, and you have zero experience with firearms, PLEASE consider taking a basic course beforehand. 7Foxtrot offers a Pistol Fundamentals Courses as well as private instruction. Although this is not a requirement to take the Concealed Carry Course, it will help you immensely. The state-mandated 4-6 hour timeframe for the Concealed Carry Course leaves very little wiggle room to cover things like weapon handling so the most you will get is the very basics! Additional training beforehand will leave you much more comfortable with the weapon itself and will help ensure not only your safety, but that of everyone else on the range.

Jamie L.
Texas LTC Course

I learned more in one class with him about guns and laws than the previous 33 years.

Mr. Findley has the heart of teacher as Dave Ramsey would say. His experience as a sniper instructor while serving with the Marines can be seen in the way he teaches.  We had a groupon for the class, but even without it, he’s still cheaper and I bet better than other CHL classes I looked into. Take his class!

Caleb P.
Texas LTC Course

Great place to take a CHL class.

Was very comfortable with everything.  Felt like all topics were covered thoroughly and Erik was very willing to answer all questions and make any clarifications needed.  I also appreciated the small class size for a more one on one experience.  I would recommend this business.

Texas LTC Course

I am glad he is on our side.

Eric is not only a good trainer but has served our country and been in the line of fire.  He is a very good instructor.  Very good.  You will be happy.  I am more ready for a crisis if one did occur.

Ron F.
Texas LTC Course

TaR I Tactical Rifle Course


Thanks mucho for a very enlightening experience.  Having grown up on the Texas/Mexico border, I’ve also grown up with various firearms and utilize them on a daily basis.  Consequently, I BELIEVED I knew all there was to know about them and how to successfully utilize them.  You very quickly disabused me of that notion.  As a consequence, rest assured that I will be back for more advanced training as soon as I have better mastered the concepts you presented during the course of my recent instruction.

Best regards,

Dell Dickinson

Skyline Ranch

Dell Dickinson
Tactical Rifle I

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Good things customers are saying about the Texas CHL Course

  • Try it out (12/4/2014)
  • I have 13 years military experience and weapons training and I can say with honesty that Erick was a knowledgeable instructor and this was a great training experience. He provided me a tip the grip of my weapon that I think positively effected my firing. I would take another of his classes. (12/4/2014)
  • The instructor was really nice, qualified, & was flexible with scheduling. There are also classes offered every week. (11/30/2014)
  • Excellent Instructor. Covered materials in depth in a clear, concise manner. Very patient and takes the time to assure students are using proper technique. I took the basic handgun course first, and used the Groupon for the Concealed Handgun License course. (11/20/2014)
  • I highly recommend this course and already have! A friend of mine purchased the new Groupon and is taking it from 7 Foxtrot! (11/20/2014)
  • Awesome instructor. (11/20/2014)
  • Be prepared to spend some time learning the laws of the state. (11/17/2014)
  • This guy is great!! I would recommend him to anyone. Very in depth. The day flew by with his course and I learned a lot in his method of teaching. Don't miss out!! (10/28/2014)
  • He did a great job (11/25/2014)
  • I highly recommend 7 Foxtrot for Concealed Handgun License training. Erick was very professional and informative, and on top of that he kept the course interesting. He even provided some shooting tips that really helped. I was so impressed I also plan on taking their Concealed Handgun Fundamentals course. (10/25/2014)
  • Course is very interesting and informative. My biggest advice to prospective attendees is pay close attention. The information in the class may not only help you protect your life but also keep you out of a court room! (10/25/2014)
  • Erick, the instructor, ran an informative, fast-paced class that provided the essential information needed to pass the State's written exam. He kept it light-hearted and at times mixed in real-life episodes of his personal experiences as well as a few videos that brought a few laughs. I'll probably take additional classes with him after getting my CHL, just so I can tap into his unique bank of skills and techniques. (10/24/2014)
  • I highly recommend 7Foxtrot for CHL Tng. Gunny Findley is pretty well knowledgeable instructor. A cool and calm instructor both in classroom and in the range. (10/24/2014)
  • Be sure to be there as soon as the doors open . Instruction starts exactly at 8am but signing in and paperwork takes time and it has to be completed before then. Snacks and drinks are allowed and he gives regular breaks to stretch your legs , it is a long class and you have to pay attention to the information provided as it will be on the test at the end ,and there is no time to review your notes. Get a good nights sleep , coffee , and a good breakfast you will need it. it will be a long day . Erick is a great instructor, very capable, experienced and knowledgeable. The day went by fast and we found it to be very interesting up to the very end . I highly recommend Erick , and will definitely go back to him for the other courses he teaches. One small word of caution, if you sit way in the back , bring a coat as the air conditioning will be blowing on your back the entire time ... or get there early and sit in the front. (10/24/2014)
  • Great class. Thoroughly enjoyable. Good information. I will highly recommend to friends. (10/24/2014)
  • Awesome instructor !! (10/24/2014)
  • Excellent trainer ... (10/22/2014)
  • The instructor is engaging and provided all the required information without deviating off topic. He seemed aware of the classes needs and provided breaks to eleviate tedium. Being a shooting instructor as well I'm looking forward further courses.
  • Very easy and useful class to learn about the laws for carry conceal. Super great instructor in the classroom and on the range. It was way easier than I thought it would be. Im so glad I did it! I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone. (10/20/2014)
  • Arrive a bit early because you can easily be confused on where the classroom actually is. The course was interesting and put to rest a lot of myths and misbeliefs. (10/20/2014)
  • Outstanding Course! Very informative! The instructor (Eric) is very knowledgeable and great at relaying the information to the audience. Eric was also very understanding and willing to work with me after several unfortunate re-schedules. I will be recommending this course to all of my friends and plan on registering for future training courses to enhance my knowledge. (10/20/14)
  • Was a very informative class, I would recommend taking the class (10/20/2014)
  • Once done with the session at the range, if the range session is done first, leave your firearm secured in your vehicle. (10/8/2014)
  • Just be prepared to enjoy the instructors vast knowledge in this field. I liked it very much. (10/7/2014)
  • great guy and teaches well. I have a bad handicap that forced me to the only revolver. He was exceptionally patient and I shot well. Highly recommended. (10/7/2014)
  • Good Guy, Good Deal (10/7/2014)
  • Just Awesome (10/4/2014)
  • I can not recommend this instructor highly enough to do him credit. As a ten year veteran of police work, a firearm instructor, and a use of force instructor, I was not expecting to get a lot out of this. I was very wrong. I have no doubts that Erick Findley can help anyone out there no matter the level of your training or lack of it. (10/4/2014)
  • The instructor is very knowledgeable about what he is teaching and actually makes this class about as fun as you can considering the content and intent of the course. I would recommend Eric to anybody wanting to take their families safety into their own hands. Just remember the police are usually only there in time to take reports and investigate what has already happened, not to stop it from happening. (9/27/2014)
  • Informative, good paced, good instructor (9/27/2014)
  • Excellent class which prepares you well to be a chl holder. Definitely recommend! (9/24/2014)
  • The class time is 6 hours, but it is engaging so the time moves quickly. Glad I attended this class. (9/20/2014)
  • Excellent course with a very experienced instructor. Would definitely recommend firearms training with this facility whether there was a Groupon available or not. (9/20/2014)
  • Good experinsed instructor. (9/6/2014)
  • Awesome Instructor! Great course (9/6/2014)
  • Not the instructor, Erik's fault, but the law portion was long........ not to worry though bc in the end it all came together to make sense. Erik was a great instructor & made the day FUN!!! (9/6/2014)
  • Instructor very knowledgeable and taught to the level of the student. Great information given in concise manner. (9/6/2014)
  • Erick did an awesome job and made considerations for the Texas heat. He kept the class as entertaining as could be when discussing the laws. He also shared his experiences and background which made him a trustworthy person who I knew I was getting good information from. Thanks Erick! (9/6/2014)
  • Mr. Findlay is an excellent instructor who kept my attention throughout. The practical instruction at the range was also excellent. (9/5/2014)
  • Excellent course, hands-on training, useful information taught by a personable and knowledgeable instructor. Well done! (9/5/2014)
  • The instructor Eric is very knowledgeable with fire arms. The private shooting range is clean,but far from where the class room is held. Highly recommenced. (9/5/2014)
  • the instructor was very knowledgeable (9/3/2014)
  • The instructor, Erik, is great, both at the range and in the classroom! (9/3/2014)
  • Very knowledgeable instructor. Great class. I am now interested in looking into other classes he may have available. Well worth the time spent (8/28/2014)
  • Very good CHL class. Very knowledgeable, friendly and professional instructor. (8/28/2014)
  • I thought Erick did a great job with presentation as well as the firearm proficiency tests. I would recommend this course for anyone looking to obtain a CHL or just learn about firearm safety. (8/28/2014)
  • Great class and great instructor! (8/28/2014)
  • On hot days bring lots of water; also snacks for class room instructions. Good program - very non-threatening and informative. (8/27/2014)
  • Excellent teacher, very patient and knowledgeable on the laws. (8/20/2014)
  • Well worth it!!!! (8/16/2014)
  • GREAT instructor! Retired Marine who was a great instructor who knew his stuff! Recommend this class and this instructor to everyone! (8/16/2014)
  • Great class. (8/16/2014)
  • Great instructor! Very professional and informational. I highly suggest this course. (8/13/2014)
  • In the classroom, the instructor was personable, knowledgable, encouraged interaction and kept a reasonable class limit to 10. At the range, good instruction and assistance was given. I enjoyed the course. (8/9/2014)
  • Enjoyed class (8/9/2014)
  • The instructor was very good. Everything was done professionally. (8/3/2014)
  • It's a good business operation and the owner really works hard to give you the best. (8/3/2014)
  • Great class. Erick tool the time to properly go through all material. (8/2/2014)
  • Very informative, enjoyed the class. I would recommend the class to everyone. (8/2/2014)
  • Excellent! (8/2/2014)
  • Be patient with scheduling, because the course may get postponed if there isn't enough students. (7/30/2014)
  • Great program, kept it interesting and it was very informative. What a background our instructor has. (7/30/2014)
  • Very educational & instructor makes it fun. Good guy! Will be recommending him to all interested in getting their CHL. (9/25/2014)
  • Really good and informative class. Erick really knows his stuff. My husband and I did the class together and both enjoyed it. (7/21/2014)
  • Get there early. (7/19/2014)
  • The teacher was very knowledgeable. The only negative was the class took longer than expected. (7/19/2014)
  • This was definitely a great program, and Gunny definitely knows what he is talking about. (7/15/2014)
  • Great program! Good instruction. (7/15/2014)
  • Erik Findley is an excellent instructor. This course was much more than just about CHL. Very informative and I would recommend people take it even if they didn't plan on carrying a firearm. (7/9/2014)
  • Very good class. Would recommend this instructor to anyone. Looking forward to taking other courses in the future. (7/9/2014)
  • Good class, instructor was easy to talk to, answered all my numerous questions. Would recommend to others!! (7/2/2014)
  • The instructor was very professional and obviously well qualified for his mission. (7/2/2014)
  • Erick the instructor is very helpful and makes you feel at ease through the whole class. (6/28/2014)
  • The instructor was very knowledgable and informative. He also made sure the range portion was safely conducted. (6/28/2014)
  • Great class, to the point & informative. Good atmosphere, made me comfortable as a woman. Range time was excellent! (6/25/2014)
  • Great class. Very informative. Great instructor who keeps it interesting. (6/25/2014)

Bad things customers are saying about the Texas CHL Course

  • Very disorganized Times and locations changed at the last minute. I talked directly with the vendor (owner) and explained he used the wrong email address for the directions to the "NEW" location but he was unable or unwilling to forward the directions to the correct email address. We didn't show up because we didn't know we're to go now he is attempting to keep our money. P.S. you will pay more elsewhere but they include finger printing which is worth the extra money. (11/20/2014)


It is regrettable that the contact information given was not the correct email. When you called the morning of the course directions were given to get to the new location (range instead of classroom) and you did not show at all. When trying to contact after the course there was no return contact. We are not trying to "keep your money" because you already got a refund from Groupon. What we were wanting to do is work with you until we saw you got the refund. The only option left for us was to then abide by the Terms & Conditions you acknowledged when you signed up for the course. Those terms state you loose the deposit/coupon value for failure to show or reschedule 24 hours prior to the course. We wish we would have had good contact information but we used what you had provided. We never want to resort to this option but were given no choice.