About 7 Foxtrot LLC


The mission of 7 Foxtrot is to train current & prospective firearms owners in the safe operation, maintenance, and marksmanship fundamentals of a firearm by a highly skilled, experienced, and proficient instructor cadre.

Founding Statement

7 Foxtrot was founded to provide fundamental & tactical firearms training and consulting to the general public, law enforcement, and military. Using the “crawl, walk, run” theory of training, the instructor cadre at 7 Foxtrot will train the students so they are confident and competent with all facets of their chosen firearm.


Company Motto

Fide Et Fortitudine

Latin for "By Fidelity and Fortitude" which is the motto of the Farquharson clan from Scotland and can be found on the clans crest along with the sword & lion.

  • Fidelity is the quality of being faithful or loyal.  Its original meaning regarded duty in a broader sense than the related concept of fealty.  Both derive from the Latin word fidēlis, meaning "faithful" or loyal.
  • Fortitude is the strength of mind that enables a person to encounter danger or bear pain or adversity with courage.

Thus the motto of 7 Foxtrot, LLC defined is:

Strength of mind and confidence in your training while being loyal to the things that mean the most and are bigger than ones-self.

More info on the Farquharson Clan can be found at this link: http://www.scotclans.com/scottish_clans/clans/farquharson/

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Company Name & Logo

The name 7 Foxtrot and the logo have several significant features.


The founder of 7 Foxtrot, Erick Findley, was a Gunnery Sergeant (GySgt) in the U.S. Marines.  A GySgt's pay grade is an E-7 and when called on the radio the phonetic alphabet was used for the E (Echo) of E-7 and the F (Foxtrot) for Findley (GySgt Findley).  This would produce the call sign on the radio of Echo 7 Foxtrot when someone wanted to talk directly to GySgt Findley.  As a term of endearment, GySgt's are often called "The Gunny" by seniors and with the "The Gunny" permission, by juniors also.  For ease, this is translated into the call sign on the radio of 7 Foxtrot, and as any Marine knows a good infantry "Gunny" doesn't want to be called an E-7.


The logo was designed with several themes that come from the founder's military and family background.


The Lion, which is found in the family crest, has many symbolic meanings and as one might imagine, it primarily symbolizes strength.

Other symbolism of the lion was observed throughout history:

Honor, Courage, Royalty, Leadership, Wisdom, Power, Dignity, Justice, Ferocity

7 Foxtrot believes that these characteristics and mindset when training and when, God forbid, the need to employ a firearm to protect life, limb, and property are essential to successfully accomplishing that mission.

3 Round Group in the "O"

With any firearm, the understanding of the "zero" of that firearm and the ability to precisely place rounds by the shooter is basically defined as that firearms Accuracy and Precision.  In the rifle discipline, the 3 round group within 1" diameter or smaller area has become the standard or measure of the accuracy.  Putting those 3 rounds in a 1" target at 100 yards begins to define that rifle and shooters ability to have precision.

The philosophy and standard that all instructors at 7 Foxtrot will take, and students will be challenged to achieve, is to provide quality training that builds the accuracy and precision within the ability of each student and their selected firearm(s).

HOG's Tooth Necklace

HOGs tooth



The HOG's (Hunter OGunman) Tooth is very symbolic to U.S. Marine Scout Sniper's and symbolizes a rite of passage when graduating from Scout Sniper school at one of the 4 schools throughout the Marine Corps.  HOG's Tooth is the name given to the 7.62mm round presented to a student upon graduating from the Scout Sniper Basic course.  A 7.62mm NATO round is used because that is the round fired by the M40 series rifle, which is the primary rifle used by Marine Scout Snipers.  The lore behind it is that there is ultimately one round destined to end the life of each person, "the round with your name on it."  Until that round is fired, the person for whom it is intended is invincible.  If the Scout Sniper carries this round at all times, it can never be fired and the Scout Sniper is therefore untouchable.

The founder of 7 Foxtrot, LLC, as described in his bio, graduated from Scout Sniper School as a Sergeant in 1994.  He was presented his HOG's tooth then and still has that one.  The HOG's Tooth doesn't just symbolize a Scout Sniper, it represents the hard work, determination, commitment, and mastery of skill to achieve the Scout Sniper Military Occupational Service (MOS) code of 8541 back in 1994 (since changed to 0317).

By adding this to the logo, it ties in the military experience and tradition that is part of the core values of the company.  Those core values are similar to the U.S. Marine Corps values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment and continue to be used throughout the training that will be given to students.